The Time The Medical Car Binned It At Monaco – WTF1

The Time The Medical Car Binned It At Monaco

If you were an ex-F1 driver who got the job of driving a course car, you’d be tempted to stick your foot down and hoon it every once in a while, right? That appears to be what Ribeiro (who raced for Hesketh, March, and Fittipaldi in the 1970s) did on the Saturday morning of the 2000 Monaco GP, although he probably wishes he hadn’t.

Heading into Tabac, he got it all wrong and ended up stacking the Mercedes into the barriers, severely damaging the front end.

To make matters worse, the legendary FIA doctor, Professor Sid Watkins, was in the passenger seat at the time and the impact was so severe that he broke three ribs in the incident. Still, at least he was already in the Medical Car…

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