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The Way Max Verstappen Found Out He Won His Second F1 Title Was SO Chaotic

Well, here we are. Max Verstappen is a two-time world champion, but being crowned champ wasn’t as simple as it should have been! Here’s exactly what happened, and why everyone was so confused 😂

After a very delayed race, and a long red flag period, racing got back underway, and Verstappen took the victory. As he crossed the line, his two title ‘rivals’ – Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez – were battling hard, and Leclerc went off the track. Shortly after, Leclerc was handed a five-second penalty for going off the circuit and demoted to third.

As a result of this, and full points being awarded, Max Verstappen did enough to secure the title. Sounds simple, right?

However, due to the race being under red-flag conditions for so long and only running for 28 laps, there was some confusion about the number of points that were going to be awarded.

Would it be reduced points, as it wasn’t a complete race distance?

As the pre-2022 regulations stated, half-points were given out for any scenario which sees the race lasting between two laps (think Spa 2021) and completing 75% race distance.

Yet, FIA changed these rules for this season. A new table of championship points was published, with different points being handed out depending on the percentage of the race completed under racing conditions.

With this in mind, teams and even the Sky commentary were convinced that this Japanese Grand Prix would have reduced championship points handed out under the 50% race distance. This would see 19 points for Max, not the normal 25, and therefore the championship battle would go on to United States Grand Prix.

However, as the top three interviews were being conducted in parc ferme, a graphic flashed up on the screen to say Verstappen was the champion as Johnny Herbert gave him the news. ER, WHAT NOW?

Panic set in, with almost everyone confused as to what was happening. F1 Twitter had a meltdown, and broadcasters all around the world were confused, but that didn’t stop Max and his Red Bull team from celebrating.

Turns out that the rule over the reduced points was only to be applied if a race was shortened if it could not be resumed. Once again, think of last year’s Belgian GP farce. Importantly, it did NOT impact the points in Japan, so full points were awarded.

So, Leclerc’s five-second penalty for his incident with Perez actually meant that it handed Verstappen championship victory today.

What a wild ride, but huge congratulations to Max Verstappen!

Now we need a lie down 😳

9 thoughts on “The Way Max Verstappen Found Out He Won His Second F1 Title Was SO Chaotic

  • It was not only SkySports, it was EVERY tv station. Viaplay, Ziggo, ESPN, F1TV, everyone worldwide! Even the teams themselfs! Makes you wonder, if everyone thinks Max came 1 point short, are the rules clear enough or is the FIA/FOM only making it more confusing? Because the way we all THOUGHT it would be (no full points, one point short), sounds a lot more clear. Great year from Max!

  • ilikecaterpillars says:

    What would’ve been useful is to have had the FIA explain to each of the teams that it would be a full points race, as it had been restarted. Communication is something that’s very lacking with the FIA.

    It’s such a shame that a fun race ended in such an anticlimactic world championship victory.

  • inyourroom87 says:

    So… different amount of points awarded for the same amount of racing, depending on the delay happening at the start or at the end – doesn’t seem smart…

  • I think the FIA was just confused with a race taking up 3 hours, everybody having 2 or 3 pitstops, the leader ending up 27 seconds clear of the #2… That couldn’t have been anything else then a full race, right?! Right?!
    Full race = full points…

  • Apparently the flag was actually dropped a lap early as there were still a couple of seconds on the clock when Max went over the line to trigger the last lap. So technically the race was suspended early and didn’t complete 75% distance, thus lower points, etc.
    Given the levels of confusion, mismanagement and general uselessness (polite version) of the FIA this last couple of seasons though, I think we should just count it as “yup, they generally f***ed up” and forget about it. Besides, unless Max stays at home for the remaining races and Ferrari somehow become competent, he was going to win it anyway.

  • Ruud Schmitz says:

    “It handed him the victory” ….. That sounds kinda bad. He won it. Like he won the championship. If not today, next race, or the following race. Nobody seriously believes anyone was going to come back from 90+ points back, or what ?

  • He celebrated over the line a championship that he did not earn nor deserve last year, so silence this year is only fitting.
    Screw the fraud.

  • Phillip Watters says:

    The battle for the championship has been over for a while now. Before this weekend he had already won half the races on the schedule and he’ll most likely win the rest as well.

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