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The World Endurance Championship Are Getting Rid Of Grid Girls


While F1 have been banning modern stuff like helmet changes, the World Endurance Championship have decided it’s time to get rid of one of motorsport’s oldest traditions; Grid Girls.

Yes, according to Reuters, the series has realised it’s no longer 1950 and have decided to ditch the out-dated tradition.

“From Silverstone next week, you will see that for any race we will do — no grid girls like in the past,” WEC chief executive Gerard Neveu told Reuters after a presentation on Thursday for the opening Silverstone six-hour race.

“For me that is the past. The condition of women is a little bit different now,” he said.

It’s a decision that will no doubt cause plenty of debate between race fans but one that last year’s WEC champion, Anthony Davidson agrees with.

It’s old school to have such a concept as grid girls. Surely the world’s moved on? And motor racing should follow quite closely what the rest of the world’s doing in that respect.

The WEC instead wants the focus to be on their awesome race cars instead of some dolled-up girls. It is said the series now will have a new start procedure too with the cars lining-up diagonally opposite the pit-wall like an old school Le Mans start before the drivers head onto their warm-up lap.

What do you think though, have WEC done the right thing ditching Grid Girls?

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