The World Endurance Championship Did A Circuit Safari At Fuji


Riding a bus around the circuit has to be one of the coolest fan experiences ever

Getting on a bus isn’t something you’d usually associate with fun, but thanks to the idea of the ‘circuit safari’, bus rides could soon be something motorsport fans can’t wait to experience.

They’ve been around in Super GT for a while, and earlier this year British GT trialled its own version, but this weekend the World Endurance Championship gave the circuit safari it’s debut in an international series.

Ahead of FP3 at Fuji, five buses filled with fans and members of the media went out on track to do two laps alongside the cars and drivers of the WEC…and it looks awesome.

Seeing GT cars from a bus is one thing, but watching prototypes fly past the window takes the experience - particularly the sound - to a whole new level.

Let’s hope this idea starts to catch on at other tracks and with other championships around the world because it’d go down an absolute storm!