There Are Plans To Build A Formula 1 Resort In Tunisia

A company has released some plans to build a 'Formula 1 City' and sporting complex in Tunisia

As if there aren’t enough rumours about future grands prix in places like Denmark, the Netherlands, and Vietnam, it looks like Tunisia is about to throw its hat into the ring as well.

Cryptocurrency company ‘BitRace Investments’ has used a cheesy voiceover and some generic footage from what looks like the F1 2012 game to reveal lavish plans for a huge sports compound with an F1-spec circuit at the centre of it. Is Liberty even interested in taking F1 to Tunisia? Who knows, but the planned layout doesn’t look too bad, with what looks like quite a few high-speed sections.

Will it happen? Well, Abu Dhabi seems to be doing alright, but the F1 circuit in Korea was meant to be similar, and look how that worked out…