There Were A Few Hefty Shunts In The Ferrari Challenge At Imola

Ferrari's parts department will be busy after a weekend filled with crashes

The Ferrari Challenge Europe had its penultimate round of the season at Imola this past weekend. Now Imola can be a pretty unforgiving circuit, especially for drivers in a largely amateur series like the Ferrari challenge, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that there were a couple of big crashes.

The first happened in qualifying, when it looks like there may have been some oil or something on the track in the Piratella corner. Chris Froggatt ended up coming out of the corner backwards and hitting the tyres, causing his car to flip over.

The second came in the first race of the weekend, as several cars failed to even make it past turn one.

The third big crash happened in the second race of the weekend. Philipp Baron pulled off an awesome pass for the lead, only to drop it coming out of the Tamburello chicane.

Ouch! That certainly puts a whole new perspective on the term ‘going for a spin’…