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There’s Finally An Update For This Year’s Belgian GP Ticket Holders

With so many fantastic races in 2021, there remains one that we still don’t like to think about: the Belgian Grand Prix *shudders*. Held in late August, the race was a total washout and broke the record for the shortest F1 race ever, and all that was after a wait of hours for some laps behind a safety car. What a joke.

It made us F1 fans mad, watching from a distance in our homes, so we really felt for those sitting in the pouring rain waiting for some kind of update. After completing a short distance behind the safety car – conveniently just enough laps to award half points – the race was cancelled and wouldn’t resume.

Drivers weren’t shy of speaking their mind on the whole thing, with Lewis Hamilton saying how sorry he felt for the fans and that he really hoped they got their money back.

Well, now it’s been revealed what kind of compensation the fans will receive, and it’s not a refund.

Instead, each ticket holder will receive an F1TV pass, a special invite to an ‘exclusive event’ on the Thursday of next year’s Belgian Grand Prix and be entered into a prize draw to win one of 170 tickets to next year’s race. It’s estimated that around 75,000 fans attend the Spa-Francorchamps circuit each day on a race weekend, so those tickets won’t exactly go far.

The grandstand seats are only available for Sunday’s ticket holders and offer an upgrade on what they had this year. So there are 100 silver grandstand seats for bronze ticket holders, 50 gold grandstand seats for silver ticket holders, and 20 VIP seats for gold ticket holders for this year’s race.

We know F1 is an outdoor event; rain happens and impacts the racing. However, the way the ‘race’ at Spa was handled makes it a real low point of the season 😞

Should F1 fans have been given a refund for the Belgian Grand Prix this year? Let us know in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “There’s Finally An Update For This Year’s Belgian GP Ticket Holders

  • Steven Bremer says:

    I really feel that those that had full event passes and those with Sunday only tickets should have received a better deal. Why not free entry in 2022 for the race. Their solution seems a bit half (get it) hearted.

  • I was there this year. I had received a ticket for my birthday and I had been looking forward to it for months. When the weekend finally came the rain didn’t affect my excitement. I stood there in the rain for hours waiting for the race to start, but the race never started.
    Although it didn’t affect my love for F1 it does left me with a sour taste.

    • but did you even receive this “compensation offer” they are writing about? I had tickets for the entire weekend and this article is the first time I hear about it…

  • Ben Oliver Rea says:

    Who came up with 170 tickets for 75,000 people…..
    That’s barely even a token amount. It’s actually offensive.

  • Where does this info come from? I had tickets for the entire weekend, bought from official promoter Spa Grand Prix, but I didn’t receive any notification about this “compensation” in form of a TV pass and prize draw.

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