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There’s Now Another Big Update In The Alpine And Haas Protest

Oh shit, here we go again. You might have thought the Alpine and Haas drama from the United States Grand Prix was over. Fernando Alonso got his penalty for a dodgy wing mirror, and we had our final classification published. But it’s not over yet.

Documents shared by the FIA now reveal that both Haas and Alpine have been summoned to the Stewards on Thursday in Mexico over the admissibility of the protest lodged on Sunday after the race by Alpine!

So Alpine are now protesting the result of a former protest requested by Haas? Who said F1 was just cars driving around in circles, ay?

The document is short and sweet but confirms that a video link will be sent to all relevant parties and that if the protest is deemed to have legs, there will be a separate hearing at a later date.

The penalty Alonso received after the race, which sent him from seventh to 15th, received some seriously negative feedback from fans online, and we’re not surprised, to be honest.

Not only was it a mega comeback drive from Alonso after his clash with Lance Stroll, but it was later revealed that Haas let the FIA know twice about Fernando’s mirror flapping about. Nothing was done about it, and no black and orange flags were issued during the race.

We’ll have to see how this all unfolds in Mexico this weekend!

9 thoughts on “There’s Now Another Big Update In The Alpine And Haas Protest

        • I think Masi was not the issue at all. The rulebook is hard to apply even for the stewards, just think about how no one knew how they qualified in recent races and that not even RB knew they’d won the WDC. There is also not a professional steward group for all races. Without sorting that out first no particular guy will fix it.

  • Alonso should have been black and orange flagged. Race control needs to take accountability for its actions. Haas had every right to protest and Alpine has every right to counter protest. There has to be a better way to resolve this

  • Kevin received meatball flags every time his front wing got loose, and now in the USGP we had Russel, Sergio with the same problem, Max witht he wheel cover loose and Alonso with the mirror, none of them got the flag, it’s a joke.

  • On the F1 website it states “he stewards noted that they were “deeply concerned that Car 14 [Alonso] was not given the black and orange flag “” Which surely is the stewards own job. Especially since Haas had been complaining twice about it during the race. Giving a post-race penalty in these conditions is totally and utterly unacceptable.

  • Søren Nielsen says:

    Would like to ask Race Control why KMag was not given the same chance as Perez was – and then try not to laugh at the answer.

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