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These Unusual Imola GP Trophies Have Been Created By A Local Italian Artist

F1 trophies can come in all shapes and sizes. This weekend’s Imola GP trophy is undoubtedly one to remember, inspired by Zeus, sky and thunder god. Taking on the form of a lightning bolt, it will certainly be one of the more unique trophies for the cabinet!

The title sponsor at every race has the power to choose the kind of trophy they want the top three drivers and winning constructor to be rewarded. We’ve seen plenty of random designs in the past, from the Heineken star trophies in locations such as Monza to the tricoloured Gorilla for the 2018 French Grand Prix.

Pirelli, the 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix sponsor, has chosen to work with a local Italian artist and contemporary art museum to produce these silver lightning bolt designs.

“I saw the lightning bolt as a symbol of power, speed, tension, and force,” artist Alice Ronchi said about her inspiration behind the pieces.

“This goes right back to the principal icons that inspired this work: Zeus, the gods, and ancient Greece. Hopefully, this trophy delivers a new narrative aspect.

“Through an interpretation of aspects that sum up the driving forces behind every Grand Prix, as well as the use of the lightning bolt and the reference to the myth of Zeus, I wanted to convey a story told in the most expressive way possible.”

For last year’s race, the trophies were in the shape of the Imola circuit layout. A single 0.14 diamond was featured on all the trophies, marking the spot that three-time F1 Champion Ayrton Senna lost his life in 1994. “Dedicate ad Ayrton” also featured on all of the trophies.

What do you think of these lightning bolt trophies? Let us know in the comments below.

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