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This Amazing Concept Shows What A Modern Ferrari IndyCar Could Look Like

Ferrari has recently stated that it’s exploring the possibility of competing in IndyCar, potentially within the next couple of years. Whether that’s just as an engine supplier or an actual team is unknown at the moment, but the real prospect of it happening is rather exciting.

Livery designer extraordinaire Sean Bull has imagined what it would be like if Ferrari went the whole hog and entered a team. He’s used a 3D model of the Dallara DW12 from RaceSimStudio and applied his vision of how a Ferrari IndyCar could look… and damn, does it look good.

The matte black sidepods look amazing alongside the red, giving the car a different look to the F1 livery while still being unmistakably a Ferrari.

Sean’s even done a couple of other versions. There’s this all-black ‘stealth’ livery which looks pretty neat…

But perhaps the coolest is this NART blue version – a nod to the blue and white livery Ferrari used in the last two races of the 1964 F1 season. Since ‘NART’ stands for ‘North American Racing Team’ and IndyCar takes place in North America, it just makes sense.

The best thing is that IndyCar livery rules are a lot less strict than in F1, meaning that a Ferrari IndyCar team could theoretically run different liveries at different races – and even have its cars in different liveries at the same race. One red Ferrari and one blue Ferrari seems like it’d be a good combination…

The only question now is: who would drive for a Ferrari IndyCar team?

Check out more of Sean’s work here.

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