Whether it was playing your first F1 game as a kid or using a highly-detailed mod for a PC sim, we’ve all tried to recreate our favourite F1 moments at some point – but this guy has gone a step further.

YouTube user Atsushi HROK has used rFactor 2 to recreate the iconic onboard footage of Ayrton Senna at Monaco – but there’s a bit more to it than that.

Not only is he dressed in a replica set of overalls, gloves, and a helmet, but the cockpit of his rig is designed to look like the inside of a McLaren, and it’s filmed from the over-the-shoulder perspective that onboard cameras of the time used.

Arguably, things get even cooler when you see it off-board, though. As well as being a full-motion rig, there’s even a custom gear lever which links back to the shifter for added realism.

It’s an amazing thing, isn’t it? Now we just need an Alain Prost superfan to do something similar and then the pair of them can race together online.