This Assetto Corsa Mod Shows What The Proposed Miami GP Track Layout Is Like

Take a look at what the planned Miami Grand Prix street circuit would be like with this video from an Assetto Corsa mod

There’s been plenty of chatter about the initial proposal for the track layout of the Miami GP - not all of it good. Lewis Hamilton even said it looked awful and offered his help in redesigning it. It’s hard to tell if it’s any good from a line on a map, though, so somebody made a version of the circuit for Assetto Corsa.

Some guesswork has been made with regards to the kerbing and barriers, but it still gives a pretty good impression of what it might be like.

The incredibly long straights followed by very tight, slow hairpins looks like a recipe for Baku levels of slipstreaming and overtaking craziness. That’s a good thing, too, because the rest of the circuit isn’t exactly what you’d call memorable.

What do you reckon? Does the layout get you hyped up or are you hoping it changes by the time the race (hopefully) appears on the calendar in 2019?