We’ve seen the track map and read the descriptions of what features the track will have, but how does will it actually look from onboard?

This Assetto Corsa mod should give a pretty decent idea. It doesn’t take into account things like possible elevation changes or how bumpy it’ll be – kerbs and barrier locations are a guess too – but as far as the actual layout goes, it seems fairly accurate.

It’s definitely a circuit of two halves. The first half is pretty much just long straight, slow corner, repeat. However, the second half – the bit with corner sequences based on sections from Monaco and Suzuka – actually looks really good.

What do you reckon? Is the layout a recipe for good racing or is just it going to be another underwhelming event which drops off the calendar after a few years?

If you’ve got Assetto Corsa and want to give the track a go for yourself, you can download the mod here.