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This Bizarre F1-Style Golf Buggy Is Up For Sale

If you’ve ever been in or around a motorsport paddock you’ll know that golf buggies are one of the most popular ways for team personnel and VIPs to quickly and safely get around.

But being in a golf buggy isn’t especially glamourous, and the all look the same, so how do you make yourself stand out? Well an events management company came up with this unique solution.

The six-seater custom golf carts were built by a company that makes Formula 1 show cars. Those front and rear wings aren’t just cheap additions either – oh no, they’re actually made from carbon fibre, and there are even suspension springs from an actual F1 car!

There’s even F1 pedigree in the engines as they’re made by Yahama. So if you paint the buggy blue and white and put a big number one on the front you won’t be too far off having an authentic 1997-era Damon Hill experience.

There are two of them available, and apparently they’re the only two F1-style golf buggies in the entire world. They’re ideal to use for promotional work, but surely pitting them against each other in a race would be the thing to do. £15,000 each? Bargain!

The full advert can be found by clicking here.

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