This Brands Hatch Save Has To Be One Of The Best We’ve Ever Seen

This VW Golf race car driver lost control in spectacular fashion at Brands Hatch, but somehow managed to save it

Sometimes you just watch a racing driver’s car control, and you can’t quite believe what you are seeing.

Kenan Dole losing control of his VW Golf race car during a VAG Trophy race at Brands Hatch is one of those moments.

It’s, without doubt, one of the best and most incredible saves we’ve seen in quite some time. A pretty impressive bit of fishtailing…

Dole appeared to be leading the field at the time and exiting Paddock Hill Bend, lost the rear end of his Golf.

His car was almost horizontal across the track three times, before he eventually got back in control of it at the entry to Druids.

Thankfully StopwatchHospitality caught the replay of the amazing moment on camera, and Dole revealed epic onboard footage of his car control on Twitter too.

It’s just a shame after the awesome save, he then went and crashed into a rival a few seconds later. But, that still doesn’t take anything away from the ridiculously crazy save itself.