This Can-Am Crash Makes Us Glad That Pit Lane Speed Limits Are A Thing

With one car charging down the pit lane and another one stuttering out of the pit box, this was never going to end well

It wasn’t that long ago that there was no speed limit in the pit lane - F1 didn’t introduce one until 1994 - but as crazy as it sounds high-speed incidents were surprisingly rare.

That said, things could still go wrong, like in this Can-Am Challenge race from Watkins Glen in 1980. Geoff Brabham was battling for the lead with John Morton when both came into the pits together. Morton’s stop went fine, but a slow getaway from Brabham meant he was going somewhat slower than his rival. Morton didn’t slow down, went for an impossible gap, and…

Amazingly no-one was hurt because that could have been a lot worse.