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This Close Call Between An F4 Car And Course Car Is Terrifying

During an F4 practice session at the Oschersleben circuit in Germany, Mucke Motorsport driver Floersch was tackling a quick series of corners when she came across a course car.

It appeared the course car was going to recover a F4 machine beached in the gravel at the corner exit, and was cutting across the track just as Floersch arrived on the scene.

Terrifyingly, Floersch had to dive quickly onto the grass in avoidance, coming perilously close to the course car. Very, very scary stuff indeed.

The low-quality of the video and lack of information about the incident makes it tricky to know what conditions the session was under at the time.

Some say yellow flags were out, but others believe you can see a red light flashing early in the clip, which suggests the red flags were being shown.

Regardless of what flag was out, this shouldn’t happen at all, full stop. It’s all quite murky at the moment but we’ll update this post when more details emerge. The main thing, though, is that everyone involved is OK.

Update reports Floersch is being investigated by the stewards for failing to slow for red flags, which were out at the time of the incident. She’s already been fined €20,000 for posting onboard footage without approval from the series, according to her Twitter.

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