This Danish Race Track Has A Worrying Lack Of Safety Barriers

It seems the Ring Djursland circuit in Denmark decided not to go with the tradition of lining the entire circuit with safety barriers

There are a few places on a few circuits around the world where there aren’t really any barriers, but usually they’re at places with so much run-off that there’s very little need for them. But the Ring Djursland track is not only missing barriers in a few places, but there are bushes and shrubs right by the side of the track. No, really - Casper Pilgaard found this out when he spun off during a Danish F4 race.

There are a few places there where you really wouldn’t want to go off. In fact, Malthe Jakobsen did a good job to go off and actually hit a barrier.

It really isn’t the sort of track you’d want to race on in the we-

Yeah, that place really needs to get some catch fencing installed soon…