This Epic 2017 Ferrari F1 Car Made Of Lego Took 750 Hours To Build

Here’s a Lego build that puts your Harry Potter Hogwarts set and construction attempt to shame…

Most people are satisfied with making a little house or mini F1 car set out of Lego, let alone a life-sized version of a modern F1 car.

This Lego version of a Ferrari SF70H looks downright insane. It’s SO lifelike, it looks just like the real thing. A true work of art.

The official Lego Facebook page shared the above video on its page, detailing a build that took 750 hours to make and used 349,911 bricks (to be exact).

It looks like one hell of a job, but one we definitely want to have. The video details the key stages of the Lego F1 car construction, as well as a timelapse of the build itself.

Where is this on display because we NEED to see this!