Ususally if a race car catches fire, the driver’s first order of business is to just get out of there and let the marshals and safety crews deal with it. But that can take time, and when the car you’re racing is a rare, near-priceless historic Cobra, priorities seem to shift somewhat – or at least, they did for Calum Lockie during the Donington Historic Festival.

Upon discovering the fire, his first thought wasn’t to stop, but to overtake the safety car (even taking time to attempt to instruct the safety car driver why he was overtaking) and then gas it back to the pit lane entry, where the fire truck was stationed. And this isn’t just a car with some telltale smoke, but actual big flames. In the cockpit.

Lockie wrote in the description of the video:

“When you’ve passed the incident, the car is on fire, you know you’ve got to get it back to the fire truck in pit lane or it’ll be toast, THEN you overtake the Safety Car.

“This is as close as I ever want to get to a marshmallow”


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