This IndyCar Driver Drove His Burning Car Out Of The Pits Following A Fuelling Error

Zach Veach's car caught on fire during a pit stop in the Indy 500 and ended up putting it out simply by accelerating away

A fuel rig problem for the No.26 Andretti Autosport crew of Veach’s car led to perhaps the sketchiest moment of this year’s Indy 500. After pulling the hose out, fuel trickled all over the hot rear of Veach’s car, setting it on fire. Usually in IndyCar, pit crews spray water over the car afterwards to prevent this from happening, but the fire took hold too quickly.

Now, instead of rushing to grab the fire extinguishers and get the driver out of the car, his crew simply told him to gun it.

What do you know, it worked! The spilt fuel quickly burned off and Veach carried on his way, eventually finishing 23rd.

With Daniel Ricciardo scoring a great result with a broken car (Michael Schumacher-style) and Veach suffering a sizeable pit fire (Jos Verstappen-style), it’s almost like Sunday was a 1994 Benetton tribute day…