This Is The Closest Esteban Ocon Has Come To Retiring From An F1 Race

He holds the record for the most consecutive finishes as a rookie but it almost didn't happen

Esteban Ocon has been given the nickname ‘Oconsistency’ thanks to the fact that he’s seemingly unable to retire from an F1 race.

He’s finished all 27 races he’s competed in, an absolute record, but it could have so easily been different had he not done this…

The car you see flashing by 18 seconds in is Ocon coming scarily close to crashing head on with Kimi Raikkonen during his spin in last year’s Brazilian Grand Prix.

It looks just as terrifying from Ocon’s onboard too.

Can Oconsistency make it 28 races without a DNF this weekend? Let’s wait and see.