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This Is The Winning WTF1 Livery Design

Earlier this month we asked you guys to design us a livery for an upcoming WTF1 video. The WTF1 team will be taking part in a 24 hour sim race as part of the Simply Race Endurance Series and we wanted to make sure we looked the part.

We were sent hundreds of designs from professional renders to hand drawn concepts but there can only be one winner, and here it is!

Will Marshall’s design celebrates the lighter side of motorsport, the side we love here at WTF1.

As well as some famous F1 quotes we were particularly fond of the use of our Fernando Alonso’s deckchair shirt design which is lined up in such a way that it makes the driver look like they’re sat in the chair. Genius!

Our Aston Martin will be raced on November 4th in Milton Keynes and the whole race will be live streamed on our YouTube Channel! Make sure you’re subscribed by clicking here.

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