The FIA has been considering whether to alter future LMP1 rules in order to make the cars look more like road cars, just as in the much-missed GT1 era of the late 1990s. The theory is that this would attract more manufacturers to the sport and bulk out the top class. It’s not dissimilar to what’s going on in IMSA’s DPi category, which takes the existing LMP2 rules and allows manufacturers to put their own spin on things. It’s not only been successful, but it’s given us some pretty amazing looking machines.

But if LMP1 rules went down a similar route, as is rumoured to happen for 2020, what might the cars look like? And what kind of manufacturers might be attracted to the new formula?

Livery designer Sean Bull has had a go at coming up with some fantasy designs for a future ‘LMGT1’ class and the results are rather spectacular.

Although Porsche left at the end of 2017, with 12 cars potentially racing in LMP1 across the 2018/19 ‘super season’ it’s not exactly a small class anymore. Who wouldn’t wants to see the likes of Mazda, Jaguar, and Mercedes duking it out for top honours at Le Mans again, though?!

You can see more of Sean Bull’s work here.