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This List Shows Eye-Watering Hotel Price Rises For F1’s Las Vegas Race

F1 is booming right now, particularly in America, and while this is great if you want to talk to more people about our beloved sport, it’s not quite so fun when you want to go to a Grand Prix.

The cost of going to any F1 race has risen massively due to the high demand but the prices from next year’s Las Vegas Grand Prix are something else.

US news outlet 8newsnow has created a list of hotel rates comparing the same 3-day weekend in 2022 with the one in 2023 where Las Vegas will host its first F1 race since 1984.

As you can see the largest increase is at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino which has increased room prices for the weekend by an eye-watering 733%!

Let’s be honest the Las Vegas race was never going to be a race for the hardcore fans but this is a trend we’ve seen happening even at the likes of Silverstone and it’s time F1 stops pricing out fans!

Are you looking forward to seeing the new Las Vegas race? Let us know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “This List Shows Eye-Watering Hotel Price Rises For F1’s Las Vegas Race

  • Having been to a few races, my opinion is that F1 is probably one of the least enjoyable experiences to attend live compared to watching on TV. Most people spend the majority of their time watching the race on the giant screens that are put up everywhere.

    Save your money, watch the race at home.

    • I disagree. The atmosphere, the cars are worth it to attend live from time to time. All F1 fans should attend at least one GP in their lifetime. (if they have the opportunity) Choosing the right spot is important, though. I’d never choose a middle-of-straight grandstand. That is really not enjoyable, even disturbing. But a slow corner, braking zone, overtaking spot can be a great experience.

  • Sean Cassiere says:

    Personally I’ve set a goal to head to a race like Spa or Austria atleast once in my lifetime just to hear the cars and watch them zoom by the grandstands… Other than that I’m more than happy with the Sky Broadcast at home.

  • I just attended the USGP at COTA for the second time, first since the recent F1 mania began in the US. (I’m lucky that it was a gift from my company for my five year anniversary.) I’ve also been to Hungary and Canada 3x. After the near tripling of the cost to go to COTA, and the absolute mayhem of getting in and out of the circuit every day, I think I’ve seen my last race in the states for a while. I’m happy that F1 is gaining popularity here and that people don’t look at me like I’ve got three heads at the mention of it, but for now I’ll probably only attend races abroad where the popularity and therefore cost has not exploded.

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