This Peugeot LMP1 Concept Is All Kinds of Sexy – WTF1

This Peugeot LMP1 Concept Is All Kinds of Sexy

Despite what seems like years of rumours, unfortunately it doesn’t look like Peugeot is going to return to sports-prototype racing after all.

But if it did, what would a modern Peugeot LMP1 car look like? Well graphic designer Andy Werner has come up with his vision of a car and livery, and it looks ace, combining the classic coloured streak of Peugeot’s motorsport history with the black and white Red Bull livery that has been seen on some of its past Dakar Rally cars.

There’s even a set of overalls and some team advertising hoarding to go with it.

Come on Peugeot, come to the WEC! Just looking at this most of the work has been done for you – just chuck an engine in and you’re good to go! Come and help get LMP1 back to where it was a couple of years ago. Please?

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