This Racing Truck Tearing Up A Kart Track Makes For Awesome Viewing

It’s funny and awesome because the kart track is so small and tiny, and the off-road truck is absolutely massive

Imagine showing up to your local, indoor karting track and seeing a monstrous off-road racing truck drifting around it.

That’d be a pretty epic sight, that’s for sure. Drifting, sliding around the tight and twisty corners, even though it really shouldn’t be there.

That’s what happened in this cool little karting track promo, with short course off-road truck racing legend Carl Renezeder taking to an indoor kart circuit in one of his machines.

Seeing an off-road racing truck power around a little indoor kart track, that’s more used to small and nimble electric karts, is pretty epic.

When you also take into account the control and talent needed to weave through the corners in this massive racing truck, without even clipping a barrier, it becomes even more impressive.