This Rallycross Hot Lap Is Jaw-Droppingly Awesome

Robin Larsson tackling the Holjes rallycross track in Sweden makes for absolutely incredible viewing

The wonderful blend of mixed-surface rallying and circuit racing means rallycross is pretty damn exciting to watch.

But, it’s even more fun when you can ride onboard with a driver tackling a rallycross course at high speed, properly working at the wheel.

FIA European Rallycross Championship racer Larsson has been in action this weekend at the Holjes track in Sweden.

The World Rallycross series released an onboard video of Larsson powering around the circuit, completing a joker lap in the process, and it makes for mesmerising viewing.

The footage basically proved rallycross drivers aren’t from this planet. They can’t be, with such incredible driving skills and reactions.

Sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed by Larsson’s onboard lap.