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This Stunning Benetton B191 Is Going Up For Auction

Formula One cars from the nineties are often spoken of as the best looking in the history of sport and when you see a car like this it’s easy to see why… wide tyres, beautifully simplistic aerodynamics and an awesome livery *drools*

Cars of this era don’t get much more good-looking than the Benetton 191 and if you happen to be a huge petrol-head and absolutely minted, then you may will be rich enough to own this stunning, stunning piece of F1 history.

(C) Bonhams
(C) Bonhams

This 191 is particularly special as it was not only the car Martin Brundle made his debut in… not only the car that three-time F1 world champion Nelson Piquet completed his final Formula One race in… it was the car that the Michael Schumacher scored the first of his 155 podiums in!

From the auction page:

“Three-times Formula 1 World Champion Driver Nelson Piquet completed his last Grand Prix race in it, in the Australian round on the beautiful Adelaide street and parkland circuit at the end of the 1991 season. Present-day Formula 1 TV commentator and highly-respected pundit Martin Brundle drove this self-same car upon his Benetton team debut in the 1992 South African GP, and the great seven-times Formula 1 World Champion Driver Michael Schumacher scored the very first ‘podium’ finish of his glittering pinnacle-level career using this car, in the 1992 Mexican Grand Prix at Mexico City.”

Now that is some history.

(C) Bonhams
(C) Bonhams

Unlike most F1 cars for sale this one comes with the engine, a 2-degree 3.5-litre Ford V8 engine that produces 730hp and can rev up to 13,800 rpm no less!

The car goes up for auction in Monaco on May 13th and is expected to make between $250,000 and $320,000.

Shut up and take my money.

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