Turn six at Sandown Park in Australia is a pretty dangerous corner. In the Supercars championship drivers approach it at over 260kmh and with so little runoff, getting it wrong there is going to lead to a pretty massive accident.

Unfortunately for young driver Todd Hazelwood, that’s exactly what happened when he tangled with Jonathon Webb during the first qualifying race for the Sandown 500, the first of three endurance events in the Supercars championship.

The 21-year-old was pitched sideways, sending his car into the barriers where it was launched into the air, executing a dramatic series of upside-down spins as his car shed most of its bodywork.

Thankfully Hazelwood was able to walk away from the incident, though he did have to have a check-up at the medical center.

Incredibly, just an hour after the crash, he was back out on track competing in the Dunlop Super2 Series support race, where he finished on the podium. It’s not just the cars they make tough in Australia!