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This Video Shows How Aston Martin’s New WEC Car Was Designed And Developed

A few days ago Aston Martin unveiled its stunning new Vantage GTE car. Now we’ve finally retrieved our jaws from the floor, Aston Martin has hit us with a video showing how the race car was designed and developed alongside the road car, to the benefit of both.

Judging by the title of the video – ‘The Birth of a Future Champion’ – Aston is pretty optimistic about the new car’s capabilities, which could be worrying for other manufacturers in the WEC as the old Vantage GTE was pretty damn competitive.

One of the biggest changes from the old Vantage is the engine – gone is the naturally-aspirated unit and in comes an AMG-developed twin-turbo V8. Unlike F1 though, the change to a turbo hasn’t killed the sound, as you can hear in the glorious footage of from the car testing in the video.

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