Timo Glock Got Held Up In DTM Qualifying And Was Not Amused

The former F1 driver turned the airwaves blue and purposefully slowed down after feeling he'd been blocked whilst on a hot lap

Timo Glock won the first DTM race of the weekend at Zandvoort, but he blew his chances of a good result in the second race when he completely lost his cool during the qualifying session.

With just a few minutes of the session left to go, Glock was on a hot lap when he came up to pass Eduardo Mortara, who kinda got in his way.

But instead of leaving the matter in the hands of the stewards, a furious Glock decided to make his anger towards the Mercedes driver known by deliberately slowing down and weaving in front of him. He also dropped a couple of F-bombs over the team radio, just for good measure.

Mortara was made to serve a five-second penalty in the race for Glock-blocking (he also had a five-place grid penalty for holding up another driver) but for his angry reaction Glock came off much worse.

He was excluded from qualifying altogether, dropping from fifth on the grid to the back, and was also given a €3,000 fine for being “unsportsmanlike” in the pit lane following the session. Oops!