Top Ten: Epic Fails of 2013 – WTF1

Top Ten: Epic Fails of 2013


Dropping trophies, plenty of falling over and caption howlers. We’ve seen more than a few fails in 2013 so as the year comes to an end, we take a look back at the biggest fails from this year’s Motorsport season.

Below are our top ten epic fails of 2013.

10. Webber falls over

webber funny

Falling over isn’t the best way to celebrate your final podium in Formula One but luckily Mark Webber could see the funny side, having a laugh at the time and even sharing a photo of his fail on Twitter after the race.

9. Regalia falls off his GP3 car

You’ve just won your first ever GP3 race by dominating the race, Fernando Alonso is watching from the pit wall and you’re feeling on top of the world… then you go and embarrass yourself by falling over. Oops.

8. Hamilton returns to McLaren

hamilton mclaren pit

When McLaren said Lewis Hamilton could come back at any time, they didn’t expect it to happen in just the second race of the year, but that’s exactly what happened when Hamilton made a pit stop blunder in Malaysia.

7. WTCC Macau crash

Safety car and yellow flags mean slow the hell down but unfortunately most of the WTCC field ignored that and Ricardo Rosseted straight into the crash.

6. Bernie confused by doors

It’s worry that the guy in-charge of Formula One is so confused by doors. Not sure if trolling or just an idiot.

5. Kobayashi bins Ferrari show car

When Ferrari put Kamui Kobayashi in the show car for a demo on the streets of Moscow, the fans were expecting quite a show… well they certainly got that, as he binned it right in front of them.

4. McLaren fly Mexican cannabis flag

How do you piss off an entire country even more after you fire their star driver just before his home race? The answer, fly a knock-off replica of the countries flag which features drug references. Fail.

3. WTCC Qualifying as slow as possible

Some complain about the Pirelli tyres ruining F1 qualifying but things could be a whole lot worse. The Salzburgring round of the WTCC saw probably one of the weirdest qualifying sessions ever with drivers not wanting to be leading during their lap, as they’d get slipstreamed.

2. Bourdais’ trophy falls apart

Sebastien Bourdais was pretty unlucky in F1 and it seems to have continued in IndyCar. Bourdais had scored his first podium since his return and as he lifted up the trophy to celebrate it fell of its base and smashed.

1. David Beckham meets an elderly fan


As caption fails so bad that it continued throughout the entire year. British radio station Heart mistook Niki Lauda for David Beckham’s elderly fan in one of their celebrity galleries. Well it’s not like he’s the main character in Hollywood movie or anything…

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