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Top Ten: Formula One swears

Nico Hulkenberg’s foul language in Hungary led the BBC to sport a parental guidance warning on it’s iPlayer coverage. However, it wasn’t the first time we’ve heard a driver swear during the Formula One coverage.

This next top ten features the best driver swears. Some are angry, some hilarious and some accidental. Children, mute your speakers now…

10. Ralf Schumacher describes the race track

During Martin Brundle’s gridwalk for Monaco in 2003, Ralf Schumacher describes the race track with a word not suitable for Sunday afternoon tele.

9. Webber doesn’t like kids

After Vettel rammed Webber off the road in Fuji, Mark was less than impressed with the “kid”.

8. Coulthard threatens to beat up Massa

DC wasn’t happy after his collision with Massa in Australia 2007 and in an interview during the race he told ITV what was going to happen to Felipe.

7. Webber swears… again

Webber has become famous for his swearing on live TV. After the race at Barcelona in 2009 he just couldn’t help slip one out.

6. Montoya’s outburst at Raikkonen

This radio message shows Juan Pablo losing his cool after an incident with Kimi at Spa Francorchamps.

5. Jenson Button can’t believe it

After the live timing broke during Qualifying for the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix, drivers frantically asked each other for laptimes. Jenson couldn’t believe it when he heard Alonso’s.

4. Heidfeld swears… sort of

Another from Martin’s gridwalk. Heidfeld talks about his top speed ranking but due to his lisp, it comes out rather differently.

3. Montoya hit by a camera man

Juan Pablo loses his cool after he gets a whack from a TV cameraman. He then has an outrageous outburst at him while his wife tries to calm him down.

2. James Hunt tells it like it is

Hunt offers his opinion live on air about French driver Rene Arnoux’s. It’s made even funnier by Murray Walker’s attempt to move things along quickly.

1. Why Kimi missed the Schumacher presentation

It just had to be didn’t it? When Michael Schumacher had a trophy presented to him in his “final” race, Kimi missed it. He tells Martin Brundle why.

Got an idea for a top ten? Let me know.

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