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Top Ten: Formula One Video Games

Later this month, the most anticipated F1 game in history ‘F1 2010’ will be released. Packed with fancy features and incredible realism, F1 2010 is set to become one the greatest F1 video games ever made.

However, hundreds of F1 games are already out there. So here I take you through the current Top Ten Formula One video games.

10. Formula One Championship Edition

F1 Championship Edition was released for Playstation 3 in March 2007. Despite the game featuring the 2006 season, the game became popular for it’s updated visuals for the PS3, most notably it’s stunning wet weather graphics.

An original feature showed how players could use a PSP (hand-held console) as a wing mirror. However the feature has since been removed. Rubbish. Video here.

9. Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco GP II

Senna’s Super Monaco Grand Prix II was released in 1992 for Sega consoles. Not the most realistic games but certainly A LOT of fun.

Skilled users could get round most tracks without even breaking, if they managed to hold the correct line through the corners of course. Video here.

8. Formula One: Grand Prix

The first in Geoff Crammond’s legendary Grand Prix series. Grand Prix was one of the first games to have it’s own online community, where gamers soon began challenging each others hot laps.

The game was also highly customizable for it’s time, so users could create liveries as well as changing camera views and car-performance. Video here.

7. F1 World Grand Prix

F1 World Grand Prix for the N64 featured a nice range of gameplay modes, Grand Prix (a championship), Exhibition (a single race), Time Trial (a race against the clock), Splitscreen, (Multiplayer) and Challenge.

The latter was a cool feature that has surprisingly not been seen again since. It comprised real scenarios from the 1997 season, most noticeably trying to win the 1997 Hungarian Grand Prix as Damon Hill, in his sick Arrows. Video here.


F1 Challenge 99-02

EA sports lost their official license from FOM in 2003 but they certainly went out on a high. Releasing F1 challenge 99-02, unique in the fact there was more than just one full season, four in fact.

Again the game was highly customisable, with a large number MOD’s available to download. Many gamers would customise their game to add the most recent Formula One seasons to the original. Video here.

5. Grand Prix 4

Currently the latest in Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix series for the PC, this game featured cars and circuits for the 2001 season. The game was even planned to be released for the Xbox but this never went ahead.

As with all Crammond’s Grand Prix games, GP4 had a huge online community and MOD’s quickly became possible for the game. The first track creator led gamers to create famous circuits old and new as well as their own. Video here.

4. Grand Prix Legends

It was rare for an F1 game to be released that didn’t feature current F1 cars. However, Grand Prix Legends (released in 1998) featured the 1967 Grand Prix season. Widely claimed as one of the most realistic racing simulators of all-time, the game is pretty tricky but what do you expect when racing these machines.

Many MOD’s were available but non more famous than the creation of Montjuich Park, a Barcelona street circuit raced from 1966-1975. Footage of the MOD was used in the 2007 Spanish Grand Prix broadcast, with Sir Jackie Stewart commentating on a full on-board lap. Video here.

3. rFactor

After the popularity of hacks and customisation, rFactor was released in 2005. It was designed to be easily customisable and had it’s own online community page for downloads. The game originally features a small selection of tracks and cars, including the BMW Sauber F1 from 2007. However it didn’t take long for hundreds of MOD’s to appear.

As well as a huge number of F1 season MOD’s, rFactor has a wide range of tracks available. Much appeal was able to race tracks such as Old Spa, Le Mans and of course the Nordschleife in modern Formula One Cars. Video here.

2. Formula One 97

An evalution of the original Formula One game for Playstation, F1 97 had many new features, most notably a cockpit camera view where gamers had to use ‘tear-off’ visors. As well as a full Grand Prix season mode, F1 97 features an Arcade mode.

This mode featured Mario Kart levels of enjoyment. The handing focussed more on power-sliding as well as short cutting tracks when needing to pass a check-point in time. Gamers also enjoyed the cheats and bonus tracks that were also available (one turning the cars into the racers from WipeOut). The game is considered by many to be the only great official F1 video game. Video here.

1. Grand Prix 2

Looking back at Grand Prix 2, you realise just how far ahead of it’s time the game was. It was one of the first racing games to feature cars that became airborne during crashes. The game also featured image mapping over 3D car models, which meant cars had extremely detailed liveries for it’s time.

Grand Prix 2 revolutionised modding, which is now so popular in simulation games. The game was extremely popular because of how simple it was to MOD, mainly thanks to GP2edit. This meant anyone could easily create their own liveries and helmet designs using a program as simple as MS Paint. GP2edit also had the ability to edit menu helmets, sounds, pit-crew colours, track textures & adverts, team & driver performance, camera angles and tyres, all really simply.

GP2 TrackEditor allowed gamers to create tracks, fantasy or reality. Unbelievably the GP2 community is still going h3 with new updates still appearing, for the game that is now nearly 15 years old.

Thanks to the simplicity of Modding, the game could constantly evolve and therefore never get dull. Here one fan has used the game to race in all the F1 seasons of his hero, Ayrton Senna. Video here.

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