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Top Ten: Funniest F1 moments of 2011

There was plenty of drama during the 2011 F1 season, overtakes galore, huge crashes and thrilling final laps but there were also the funny moments, plenty of them in fact.

We’ve had to whittle them down to just ten moments, so here it is. The ten funniest moments of 2011. Enjoy.

10. Red Bull Showcar Run turns Takeshi’s Castle

The Red Bull Show Car comes to Japan, Buemi casually driving along…CRASH. Some idiot marshall underestimates the gap and jumps right in front of the car. “I thought it was Takeshi’s Castle.” Did your mother never tell you to look both ways before crossing a road?!

9. Tripods at Dawn

What lengths would you go to get the perfect picture? Well after two photographers got in each others way in Singapore “Tripods at Dawn” broke out. FINISH HIM! FINISH HIM!

8. Absolute frickin’ joke

Is it cos I iz black? No Lewis, it’s because you crash a lot. Hamilton’s unbelievable rant after the Monaco Grand Prix was taken in many different ways, we found it hilarious.

7. Nigel Mansell Vettel on Top Gear

Oh great, it’s that German guy that keeps winning all the races… hang on, he’s actually a really humble and funny guy. That’s how many reacted to Sebastian Vettel’s appearance on BBC’s Top Gear. The highlight of his interview has to be his impression of 1992 champion, Nigel Mansell.

6. Should’ve gone to Specsavers

So Jenson, what’s on your mind? Driving for Red Bull obviously. This unbelievable moment happened at the Chinese Grand Prix, when Jenson Button pulled into the wrong pitbox. Oops.

5. We have lift-off

Who could forget Petrov’s jump in Malaysia? Not only was it hilarious, it also led to a bloody good F1 meme!

4. Wait for me!

Fernando Alonso spent too long driving a classic Ferrari during the British Grand Prix that the drivers parade truck went without him. Alonso ran after the truck before hitching a ride the rest of the way. Pfft, I thought F1 drivers were meant to be fit?

3. Making a splash

The Red Bull post-Monaco party could become a regular thing if they continue to dominate the sport. During the BBC forum Eddie Jordan got taken for a dip by Sebastian Vettel, later on DC also got thrown in… after a rather pathetic struggle.

2. Born Slippy

We always knew the Montreal circuit had little grip and in 2011 the Canadian marshalls got first hand experience in it. It could have gone so horribly wrong… thankfully it didn’t and looking back it’s even funnier than before.

1. Mr Bean reacts to Massa and Hamilton Crash

The only highlight in one of the dullest Grand Prix’s since… Valencia. During the inevitable Hamilton and Massa collision at the Indian Grand Prix the live feed showed McLaren guest, Rowan Atkinson, cue the funniest F1 moment of 2011.


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