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Top Ten: Motorsport Epic Wins

After the bore-fest in Valencia, it’s time for something a little more exciting. It’s not all failure in motorsport, sometimes we get some unbelievable moments that make motorsport even more special.

We’ve seen the epic fails so how about the epic wins? Below are ten of the best.

10. Jump!

Sometimes overtaking is difficult in motorsport. Can’t get round the car in front? Then why not do what this dirt racer did and simply jump over the other car to overtake. Simples.

9. Keep on rollin’

Here’s an incredible clip from the X-Games in 2006 staring the late-great Colin McRae. During the rally stage McRae was going into the final section of the course and rolled the car spectacularly. Despite the car being trashed McRae carried on to the line and almost took the Gold Medal, finishing 2nd just 0.5 seconds behind.

8. Closer than close

Helio Castroneves had a close call during the 2007 Indy 500. He passed his team mate through an almost impossible gap next to the wall. A win or absolute blind luck? Watch and decide for yourself.

7. You spin me right round

A famous clip of Keke Rosberg at his mad best. During the race at Long Beach in 1983, Rosberg did a full 360 on the straight and carried on like nothing happened.

6. Never give up

Once you fall off your motorbike you’re down right? Well try telling that to Raffaele De Rosa, he clung on for dear life to pull of one of the most incredible bike saves ever seen.

5. Three for the price of one

Romain Grosjean has been making some brilliant moves in GP2 this year but non better than this 3-in-1 pass at Barcelona, just like he was playing a video game on beginners mode.

4. One in a billion chance

If you thought Vettel was having a lot of luck this season then just watch this. After a collision with a stricken car this drivers tyre comes off the rim, rolls alongside the car and then reattaches itself!

3. A memorable début

When Markus Winklehock entered his first and only Grand Prix in 2007 not one person would have predicted he would be leading at some point in an uncompetitive Spyker. After a switch to wet tyres during the warm up lap it absolutely bucketed if down and Winklehock went from 22nd and last to 1st in a single lap.

2. Fan favourite

In 2002 a huge number of rally fans waited at the hairpin in Barcelona in the hope to see drivers power slide round the corner. Gilles Panizzi went one better and did a full 360 spin giving the crowd an unforgettable moment.

1. Well Behaved Tyre

When a tyre comes lose it almost always means a Safety Car but this well behaved tyre wasn’t having any of it. It stayed to the side of the road, avoided all the traffic and then joined it’s friends on top of the tyre barrier. It couldn’t have gone any better.

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