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Top Ten: Pit lane Nightmares

Formula One’s had it’s fair share of pit lane incidents over the years. The chaotic scenes during the Hungarian Grand Prix wasn’t the first time the pit lane turned into madness.

In the first of this “Top Ten” series, we feature the most chaotic pit stops in F1 history. We’ve got the maddest, the scariest and the stupidest. Enjoy.

10. Massa takes fuel hose with him – Singapore 2008

After Nelson Piquet’s, now infamous, crash brought out the safety car, Felipe Massa pitted from the lead. But thanks to Ferrari’s stupid lights system (instead of a lollipop) Felipe left his box with the fuel hose still attached, costing him the race win.

9. Alguersuari pits in the wrong box – Abu Dhabi 2009

At Abu Dhabi last year, Alguersuari pitted expecting his team to be ready for him. He pulled into the box of mechanics before realising it wasn’t the Toro Rosso team but Red Bull. Luckily he left in time not to compromise them, who were waiting for Vettel to pit.

8. Tuero’s embarrassing pit stop – Argentina 1998

Possibly the most shambolic pit stop of all time. The Benny Hill theme just adds to the comedy.

7. Nakajima’s first F1 pit stop – Brazil 2007

Nakajima had been given his first appearance by the Williams team at Interlagos in 2007. When he came in to make his first F1 pit stop he thanked his new team by running them over. Despite this he still got a drive for two more seasons.

6. Coulthard crashes in the pits – Australia 1995

Pitting from the lead, Coulthard hit a patch of oil, locked up and crashed into the wall. At least he didn’t have far to walk back.

5. Mansell reverses into pit box – Portugal 1989

Back in 1989 there was no pit lane speed limit. In Portugal, Mansell came in way too fast and missed his pit box. He flicked it into reverse and nearly ran over his crew. He ended up receiving a black flag.

4. Mazzacane wipes out pit crew – USA 2000

Similar to Nakajima’s incident in Brazil but unlike Nakajima, Mazzacane decides not to even try and brake.

3. Kovalainen sets Raikkonen on fire – Brazil 2009

At Interlagos 2009, Fin’s Kimi Raikkonen and Heikki Kovalainen came in to make their pit stops. Heikki left his box too early and took the fuel hose with him. Then went about setting poor Kimi on fire.

2. Kubica and Sutil crash – Hungary 2010

Complete chaos in the pits, again caused by the safety cars appearance. Kubicawas let out just as Sutil was coming in to make his stop. To be fair to the Renault mechanic, Rosberg’s wheel was bouncing down the pit lane towards him.

1. Verstappen goes up in flames – Germany 1994

This infamous fuel fire is one of the most memorable moments in F1 history. Unbelievably Verstappen and all his mechanics escaped without serious injuries.

Got an idea for a Top Ten? Let me know via comments or Twitter.

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