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The New Toro Rosso Is All Kinds Of Pretty


The Toro Rosso is the penultimate car to be launched for the 2015 season and it’s actually one of the nicest. Yes it has the surfboard nose like the Ferrari that just looks that bit too long, and yes the livery hasn’t changed much, but it’s the little details that make it look good.

It has sponsors on it for starters! No huge empty spaces like the McLaren and especially the Sauber. It’s got little flicks of colour and pattern down the side pods and the nose. Not to mention the bull artwork that always adorns the engine cover. It actually has a well thought out livery… apart from they seemed to have run out of gold paint on the nose.

P-20150131-00067_News P-20150131-00036_News P-20150131-00049_News

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