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Toto Says He’ll Help Bottas Find An F1 Seat If They Hire Russell At Mercedes

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team boss, has said that if they choose George Russell instead of Valtteri Bottas for that 2022 Merc race seat, he’ll help Valtteri get another drive in F1. I mean.. it’s the thought that counts, right?

It appears that the shortlist for Lewis Hamilton’s teammate is just Valtteri and George. There have been rumours all over the place about George taking the seat, including speculation that it would’ve been announced last week at Silverstone in front of the British fans.

Merc has been clear; they’ll decide in the summer break, which starts after the Hungarian GP this weekend. So that means both Valtteri and George have got one race left to really impress the powers that be for the top seat. But whoever they pick, they’ll still help the other driver.

Toto said to after the British GP: “If we were to come to the situation that we wanted to give somebody else a go, then it’s not only my relationship with him but also a responsibility that he has a great future. Because he deserves that.”

It would be very easy just to kick Bottas out and say, ‘see ya,’ but that wouldn’t do justice to his time at Mercedes and his relationship with Toto.

The two of them worked together at Williams before they both moved to Mercedes. Toto was a part-owner of the team as well as Valtteri. He continued to be Valtteri’s manager when he became the team boss at Mercedes and hired him in 2017 after Nico Rosberg left. They’ve worked together for years!

“He has been the teammate of the best F1 driver of all time, and that is not always very easy to shine, but he’s fantastic,” Toto continued.Β 

“Valtteri has ticked all the boxes that we needed to understand, not only recently but also before. It is more of a strategic decision whether we stay with the current line-up or whether we go more bold next year.

“But we’re going to sit down with the drivers, with both of them – because George is a Mercedes driver – and then discuss and then come up with a decision.”

There are options for both Valtteri and George if they don’t get the Merc drive. Alfa Romeo has made moves for Bottas, and Williams would love to keep George, but both will obviously want to be with the world champions.

Not long to wait now πŸ‘€

2 thoughts on “Toto Says He’ll Help Bottas Find An F1 Seat If They Hire Russell At Mercedes

  • Assuming Bottas does have to go to another team next year, I’d suspect Williams would be a better choice than Alpha Romeo as not only to Williams seem to be very seriously improving, but there will still be a lot of people there he’s worked with before. That should make it a lot easier for him to get up to speed and help build the team up to being competitive.

    It’s also possible that if George’s luck continues the way it has for the rest of the year, Valteri could go there and score a point in his first race as the first points for Williams since Robert Kubica’s one in 2019. Which would annoy George no end I bet πŸ™‚

    • Steven Bremer says:

      My guess is that if Russel’s form continues he will be the one to score the first point. I could see us getting a wet race where a few drivers retire with George and maybe Nickolas getting into the points. Of course if HAM punts a couple of cars off the track that would help as well.

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