Toto Wolff Has A “Table of Doom” He Uses To Plot Out Mercedes’ Season – WTF1

Toto Wolff Has A “Table of Doom” He Uses To Plot Out Mercedes’ Season

We all know about Brad Pitt’s F1 movie that’s in the works, and we may now have discovered the perfect title: Toto Wolff and the Table of Doom.

OK, you’re probably wondering what this is in reference to. Basically, when discussing what to expect from the W13 in Abu Dhabi, following a barnstorming one-two in Brazil, Wolff divulged that Mercedes always suspected Abu Dhabi would be a tricky track pace-wise.

“Abu Dhabi, in our table of doom, was one of our worst tracks, not catastrophic like the high-speed tracks, but still not ideal.”

And say whatever you like, but the table of doom was correct – Mercedes duo Lewis Hamilton and George Russell were off the pace in qualifying, and Russell could only manage a P5 with Hamilton eventually retiring from the race.

This has me wondering though, if this table of doom is so accurate, where can I find one? In my head, it’s a big, physical table, probably made out of oak or something expensive.

On top are all the different tracks and Toto pushes a bunch of miniature F1 cars around it like he’s planning a war. In reality, it’s probably an excel file, but I’ll stick to my dreams.

Now we’re curious about what it looks like 🤔

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