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Toto Wolff Thinks Rosberg’s Time Penalty Was “Complete Nonsense”

Everyone wants to see more wheel-to-wheel racing in Formula One, so you can understand people’s frustration when drivers get penalties for overtaking manoeuvres.

Nico Rosberg finally showed a bit of aggression with his pass on Kimi Raikkonen at the Malaysian Grand Prix, but was slapped with a ten-second time penalty for the contact made in the overtake.

Toto Wolff of course had other stuff to worry about after the race, particularly as Rosberg’s penalty didn’t actually end up affecting his position, but still made the point that the penalty was “just complete nonsense.”

The Mercedes boss added: “It’s not what I want to focus on because we have let Lewis down and that should be something that we are beating ourselves up ourselves about, and not moaning about an unfair penalty that didn’t make any difference because Nico was still third.”

Wolff though was particularly annoyed with the stewards call after a meeting earlier in the year suggested that the drivers would be more free to race each other without the risk of the FIA getting involved.

“A couple of months ago we decided altogether that we wanted to allow the racing between all the cars and if it wasn’t 100 per cent clear that someone was at fault then we would let them race against each other…and then this.

“I don’t know, it is for others to comment and not my main priority after that race.”

Rosberg also received two penalty points, taking him up to a total of six and halfway to a race ban.

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