Track Ops: F1 2012 vs Call of Duty – WTF1

Track Ops: F1 2012 vs Call of Duty

I don’t play Call of Duty, the reason being that I’m just too good at it. Kidding of course, I’m that guy who spins around while firing wildly into the air, so yeah I hate it because I’m not very good, that and the fact I don’t enjoy 14 year old kids taking the piss out of my mum in the process.

Anyway, here’s a video-game mash-up of COD with another one of my favourite games *sarcasm* F1 2012. I like how this guy gets fastest lap before he’s even set one. Wow, can you imagine how glitchy COD would be if Codemasters made it?

Thanks to Michaelb34135 for the tip!




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