Tsunoda Claims Gasly Is ‘Like A Girlfriend Or Boyfriend’ – WTF1

Tsunoda Claims Gasly Is ‘Like A Girlfriend Or Boyfriend’

Anyone else absolutely living for the friendship between Yuki Tsunoda and Pierre Gasly? So wholesome! However, it seems the AlphaTauri duo have taken their bromance to a new level 👀

From training together to inadvertently joking about them sharing a bed, the pair’s mix-ups have had us all in stitches laughing. Considering that the Japanese driver is known for having no filter (check out Season 4 of Drive To Survive if you don’t believe us), they’re a recipe for chaos.

Speaking at the Australian Grand Prix Fan Forum, he was left bright red after claiming that he likes “Pierre’s something *laughs*. It’s you know like girlfriend or boyfriend, some kind of feeling”. Aww bless him 😂

It’s obvious how much of a positive influence they’ve had on each other since teaming up last year, with Pierre even saying that the ‘Yuki effect’ helped put a smile on his face. Although, he then admitted it was probably due to Daniel Ricciardo’s smile. Ouch.

Honestly, there must have been something in water down under, as a several of the drivers were feeling the love.

Whether it was Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen joking about nipple piercings, Lando joking about his hands getting lower in pre-race hugs with Daniel Ricciardo or Lewis correcting his Mercedes teammate George Russell for calling him Mr Hamilton instead of Sir – the drivers were unhinged!

And we’re absolutely living for it!

What was your favourite off-track moment from the Australian GP? Let us know in the comments below. 

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