Two Classic Ferrari F1 Cars Crash At Homestead – WTF1

Two Classic Ferrari F1 Cars Crash At Homestead

Ferrari’s Corse Clienti programme is a pretty cool idea – the lucky few who can afford it get to drive old F1 cars around the world, and fans get to watch them being driven and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of yesteryear.

These guys aren’t professional racing drivers though, and at times things can go wrong. During a recent event at the Homestead circuit in Miami an an ex-Jean Alesi Ferrari 412T1 collided with an ex-Gerhard Berger 412T2, causing significant damage to the latter.

Ouch. The Ferrari mechanics are going to have a job putting that one back together.

Here’s another view of the incident, but sadly it doesn’t look like the person filming got the memo about vertical videos or zooming in.

Still, dat noise tho.

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