With Audi leaving the WEC at the end of the season there’s hope that their absence may tempt another manufacturer to join LMP1. It might not be soon, and it almost definitely won’t be Tyrrell, but that doesn’t stop us dreaming it will be after seeing this incredible concept.


Designed by G24 Studio (you may remember them for doing this awesome McLaren concept) there are no prizes for guessing which Tyrrell F1 car inspired this insane fantasy prototype, dubbed the Tyrrell P016.


It’s long, it’s low, it’s wide, and it looks like a modern LMP1 car, but the classic livery and driver names on the side somehow make it look like it’s come straight out of the seventies as well.


Six-wheeled racing cars aren’t really a thing anymore but if they were, you can bet the super-open regulations of LMP1 would be the place for one to be.