Undercover: Closed cockpit F1 concept – WTF1

Undercover: Closed cockpit F1 concept

After the devastating death of Dan Wheldon, it’s no surprise that closed cockpits have been suggest for open-wheel racers again. Earlier this year, F1 fan Iacoskidigitally created his vision of a future car.

Below are some shots of his concept, starting from the initial sketch, which turned into a stunning photoshop of a future Ferrari.

“I’ve decided to play with traditional look of modern F1 car and try to convince all that closed cockpit could still look good! I’ve chosen Ferrari for my concept basically because I’m a huge Ferrari fan and a huge fan of Robert Kubica and I just would like to see him alongside Alonso driving for my most favourite team – that’s why you can see his name on the car. I hope someday it become reality. Get well soon Robert.”



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