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Verstappen Addresses The Confusing Way He Realised He’d Won The Championship

Is he the champion? Isn’t he? It was all a rather strange turn of events when Max Verstappen was crowned a two-time champ after the Japanese Grand Prix. However, despite the weird and slightly underwhelming way he was told he’d wrapped up the championship, the Dutch driver could see the funny side.

After being told in his parc ferme interview that he’d have to try and win the championship at the next round, the tables quickly turned due to Charles Leclerc receiving a penalty and being demoted to third.

Full points were also awarded, which many believed wouldn’t be the case due to the reduced race distance completed; this included broadcasters and even Red Bull themselves!

Max was quickly brought back for another interview, where he was told he WAS the 2022 World Champion, and F1 displayed big graphics behind him.

“To be honest, I don’t mind that it was a little bit confusing,” he said in the post-race press conference, attended by media including The Race.

“I find it actually quite funny!”

Verstappen secured his 12th win of the season and has now put himself just one victory away from equalling the record for most first-place results in a season, with only Michael Schumacher (2004) and Sebastian Vettel (2013) going one better. With four races left, there’s a genuine chance he could break this record in 2022.

It’s certainly up there with the weirdest ways to find out you’re the new world champion!

Congratulations, Max 🏆🏆

3 thoughts on “Verstappen Addresses The Confusing Way He Realised He’d Won The Championship

  • Richard Jackson says:

    If the Ferrari penalty is from Perez pushing hard and causing an error, then that’s twice Perez has helped secure a title for max 😂

    Time to reflect on the new season.

    What a fall from grace for Ferrari who hit the road running the best at the start of this season and new regulations era. They looked unstoppable and then the strategy team took over.

    McLaren failed to have any speed. No bouncing but no speed either.

    Mercedes complete and utter failure. Too cocky in their design and produced a piece of shit car that did look very cool though.

    Alpine right up there, Astin Marty nowhere. hASS still paying off Schumachers repair bill.

    Cars? Well they can follow real close now, but basically still can’t pass without DRS.

    Tyres? Still last way too long, unless it’s the wets and they don’t work at all.

    Work to be done for sure, but congrats to Max and Red Bull. League of their own for much of this season.

    • I wouldn’t call Mercedes a piece of shit car, as it’s still clearly the 3rd best car.. But yeah, they are obviously far behind Red Bull and Ferrari, only best of the rest.. We’ll see what happens next year, but I do not expect much to change to the current running order until 2026 probably..

  • The confusion was because almost everybody outside of the FIA stewards themselves did not properly know the new points rules after Spa 2021 for “suspended races”.. This race was not suspended and at least 50% distance was done so full points were awarded, it’s as simple as that..

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