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Verstappen Becomes Just The Second Driver To Achieve This Crazy F1 Stat

At 24 years old, Max Verstappen has already had his fair share of legendary performances, but his back-to-back wins at Hungary and Spa have just broken a 62-year record!

Verstappen has become just the second driver in F1 history to win consecutive races from 10th or lower on the grid and it’s the first time it’s been achieved since 1960!

Bruce McLaren is the only other driver to pull off the feat, winning the United States Grand Prix from 10th in 1959, and then the 1960 season opener in Argentina from 13th.

Verstappen has been on fire in the last few races, winning from 10th in Hungary and 14th in Spa, extending his advantage in the drivers’ standings to a massive 93 points! 🤯

This is now the 9th Verstappen win of the season, and with 8 races still to go, the next record he’ll have his eye on is Michael Schumacher’s record for most wins in an F1 season which is currently at 13.

What a performance again from Max!

25 thoughts on “Verstappen Becomes Just The Second Driver To Achieve This Crazy F1 Stat

  • I have been reading and listening about the greatness of verstappen, that he is one of the greatest drivers ever and nobody in history can compare, which is hogwash, remember when hamilton was dominating, it was the car that was winning, that merc was cheating, that the FIA was somehow sabotaging the other teams, anything to keep from saying that lewis was a great driver. The same people that want us to bow down to the greatness of max are the same ones who went out of their way to say racist,vile and inexcusable things about hamilton. Lets see how good max is when he has a bad car,when his team is making mistakes, and things aren’t going well, will we see that terrible temper explode, we’ll see, but if your going to call max great you better darn well call a seven time champion like hamilton one of the greatest of all time.

      • Parth kerkar MUSIC says:

        Lol , this lee marshe guy is a die hard fan of lewis and expects everyone to call lewis the GOAT , he doesnt see how good Max’s stats are at this age … like come on man learn to appreatiate and acknowledge. ..

        • Yeah as you reply to the guy saying something negative. Like come on learn to appreciate and acknowledge roy nissany. What a dumb comment

    • Arthur Egges says:

      The difference between Max and Lewis at the beginning of their careers is that Lewis started right in a championship winning car where Max started in a Toro Rosso. The first years for Max were not only about learning the deal with F1 cars, but also in trying to extract the maximum out of a car which was not fast. What he already did in the Toro Rosso and the first years in Red Bull was pretty good considering his inexperience and young age.

      • Wasn’t Lewis young when he started in F1, Did the car just drive itself, there was no learning curve right? he just started it and it went straight to the front right ? Lewis just like max had to learn how to be a f1 driver, experience made him great, and if Max is so great why didn’t he win a title with Toro Rossa ?, let max win seven title’s then call him great, not just because he breaks some minor records in one season.

        • Arthur Egges says:

          I acknowledge that Lewis is one of the greatest F1 drivers, I was delighted when he was winning against Alonso, I was ecstatic when he won the the WC in Brazil 2008 in the last lap by a miracle.

          So I am not putting Lewis down at all, I am just replying on your rather negative view on Max, and specifically this statement: “Lets see how good max is when he has a bad car,when his team is making mistakes, and things aren’t going well, will we see that terrible temper explode” That is why I was referring to his time at Toro Rosso, where he had already experienced going through a phase of not having a winning car in his hands. So why do you expect a terrible temper?

          Furthermore another point to add is that when Max got into F1 there was a testing ban, so he could only do limited testing, compared to what Lewis could do when he joined McLaren. In the 2007 pre-season testing, from 17 Jan 2007, up until race day in Australia on 18 March 2007 Hamilton completed about 1011 laps running the Bridgestone tyres on the MP4-22. Max in contrast did 617 laps of pre-season testing in 2015, that is a 400 lap difference in getting to know a F1-car.

        • Rens Hillebrand says:

          Max Verstappen broke all the records in f1 in his first 2 year driving in f1. The only record he didn’t break for youngest were pole and WC. Minor record no

    • The people that said racist, vile and inexcusable things about Hamilton are …….. and I don’t understand that. At the same time, I don’t understand you questioning the greatness of Max. IMHO, he has demonstrated exceptional racecraft over the years at Toro Rosso and Red Bull. At this moment Max is by far the best F1 driver and that is not only because of his car. Saying that it is only because of his car is the same as saying that Lewis winning seven championships was just because of his car. Both Max and Lewis are exceptional drivers and every F1 fan should enjoy watching them compete. I hope that other current F1 drivers will become exceptional drivers too. I think every real F1 fan is waiting for Charles, Carlos, George or others to make the transistion from good drivers to exceptional drivers. That would make F1 even more exciting.

    • tinus tussengas says:

      F1 fans are getting tired from people like you, do you really think Hamilton is proud of the behavior you display here as a Hamilton fan you should be ashamed.

      • Coming from Alonso its par for the course, Alonso hates hamilton and he always will, without lewis coming along, he probably would have won at least 5 titles maybe more,an insult from him is like someone from a team that has won two titles insulting Brady because he has won 6 titles, sour grapes.

    • Rens Hillebrand says:

      Max Verstappen managed to win a Grand Prix in his second year in formula 1 with the third fastest car of the grid from not only 4 times world champion Sebastian Vettel but also world champion Kimi Räikkönen. In a year where 4 cars were fighting for the championship.
      This year we have the same conditions as 2016, Hamilton 7 time world champion hasn’t made the same results as Max Verstappen in Barcelona 2016. I like to get ahead of your next question, there were a couple of GP were 2 faster cars couldn’t finish the race. But Hamilton is a fantastic driver too.
      And about first win 7 world championship?
      Senna wasn’t a great driver then, Schumacher Prost Senna all won world titles because they could bring the fastest car to the checked flag. Hamilton, Verstappen and many other drivers could do that too. The cars weren’t always legal but that is a different discussion that is comparable with the 7 tour the France title from L. Armstrong.

  • Conveniently fogetting that the record of 13 wins in a season shared by Schumacher and Vettel.
    Also, Max can best Vettel’s record of 9 consecutive wins (in a season).

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