Yep you read that right, a guy who recently scored a fourth place in a Formula One race doesn’t have a driving license yet. Despite living a very different life to most teenagers though, Max Verstappen is spending his summer holidays like any 17-year-old would… no not a holiday in Magaluf, passing his driving test.

The Toro Rosso driver scored his team’s best result since a certain Sebastian Vettel in 2008 but now the Dutchman is to spend the gap between Hungary and Spa on the roads learning to drive.

max verstappen

“I’m doing my lessons in the summer break and then will take my test around my birthday in September,” Verstappen told The Guardian. “With the F1 schedule it has been difficult to fit everything in so I’ve had to wait for the break. You need a minimum six or seven hours driving under the laws in Belgium, where I live – and I hope that’s all I need. We’ll see.”

Can you imagine if he failed. Awkward!